The 2016 H2 Ventures & KPMG Fintech100

07 November 2016

In a Report that has been viewed over 40,000 times and downloaded over six thousand times from 150 countries, we are pleased to present the third annual Fintech100. The Report showcases the best fintech innovators, from 23 countries around the world.

The Fintech100 are those companies using technology to their best advantage and driving disruption within the financial services industry. These companies have a commitment to excellence, superior customer experience and a demonstrated ability to do something in a market better than everyone else.

The Fintech100 includes the leading 50 fintech companies across the globe, and the most intriguing 50 ‘Emerging Stars’ – exciting new fintechs with bold, disruptive and potentially game-changing ideas.

Geographic diversity:

35 companies from the Americas,
 29 companies from the EMEA,
 14 companies from Asia,
12 companies from the UK, and
 10 companies from Australia and New Zealand.

The rise of fintech in China continued this year, with Hangzhou-based Ant Financial taking the top spot in the 50 Established Innovators list, and Qudian, Lufax, Zhong An and JD Finance also in the top ten. Oscar, at number three, is the both highest ranked insurtech and the highest ranked US-based company.

The continued dominance of China, which rapidly rose last year to take the top spot, tells only part of the story. We are seeing the emergence of exciting fintech players in countries across the world, from India to Israel, from Portugal to the Philippines. In fact, the Top 50 Emerging Stars list for 2016 includes companies from 23 countries, including Chile, the Philippines, and Mexico for the first time.

The breadth of fintech innovation:

We have looked at a range of sectors within the financial services industry. These sectors include: payments, lending, wealth, insurance and - new this year – regtech where we are seeing rapid value creation as the pace of disruption increases.

32 lending companies,
18 payments companies,
12 insurance companies,
8 regtech companies,
8 data and analytics companies, 6 wealth companies,
5 digital currencies companies, 5 blockchain companies,
3 capital markets companies,
2 crowd funding companies, and 1 accounting company.

The Fintech100 demonstrates the acceleration of the disruption taking place in the global financial services industry, with more capital than ever being invested around the world in startups that are creating new financial products and solutions. The leading 50 companies have attracted an additional US$14.6bn of capital in the last 12 months.

One of the striking features of the list is the tip in the balance towards disruptors, those who challenge
the existing market, over enablers, those who help incumbents do better work. With 92% of the top 50 in the disruptor category the message for the financial services sector is that now more than ever it is time to embrace innovation to stave off the threat of fintech startups.

The Report highlights a growing and vibrant global financial services technology sector, one where new ideas are able to build the traction they need to attract large amounts of capital. For the consumer, this can only be good news with new ideas leading to better choice and a sector that is re-aligning to place customer needs at the centre of how it does business.

How we select the Fintech100:

We’ve selected the ‘Fintech100’ following extensive global research and analysis based on data relating to five factors:

  1. Total capital raised
  2. Rate of capital raising
  3. Geographic diversity
  4. Sectorial diversity
  5. X-factor: degree of product, service and business 
model innovation (a subjective measure that is applied only with respect to companies appearing on the 50 Emerging Stars list)

The above assessment criteria reflects the fact that venture capital invested is a relevant measure of innovation which in turn fuels enduring competitive advantage. Venture capitals seek this enduring competitive advantage over and above anything else.

The companies named in this Report all take a well- deserved position as the ‘leading 100’. Nonetheless, there are many other exciting and creative fintech companies around the world that are established and emerging.

We hope that this Report is just the start of the fintech future, as we expect that the companies featured in this Report are just the tip of the iceberg for the changes that will occur in financial services over the next decade.

The Top 10 companies in the Fintech100 for 2016 are:

  1. Ant Financial
  2. Qudian
  3. Oscar
  4. Lufax
  5. ZhongAn
  6. Atom Bank
  7. Kreditech
  8. Avant
  9. So Fi
  10. JD Finance

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